At this year’s IFFI we are proud to present a special guest at our festival opening: Austrian Cellist Lukas Lauermann who is known for playing in bands like Soap&Skin, Donauwellenreiter, A Life A Song A Cigarette, Ritornell and iris electrum. At the festival opening (May, 23rd) he will hold a concert for us.

More information about this musician ist to be found on his official website.

Good to know: We have an offer for you from our mediapartner “Die Presse” – it’s possible to read this newspaper three weeks for free (print and online).

You can order “Die Presse” here.

“An extremely dark piece”

TOWN IN A LAKE (Original title: ‘Matangtubig’) by Jet Leyco (2015)

Town In A Lake deals with very real issues such as rampant political corruption and media sensationalism in the Philippines. Jet Leyco portrays small town life spectacularly and highlights how a small community deals with tragedy. A balance act between dream and nightmare!! Running in our Spotlights Section!

Rotterdam Filmfestival 2017 Voices

Here is an interview with director Jet Leyco that we found in an online blog on Philippine Independent Cinema. read more

This year’s country focus lies on Kyrgyzstan, therefore the festival is going to present four movies made by Kirghiz directors:

  • CENTAUR by Aktan Arym-Kubat (2017)
  • DER ROTE APFEL by Tolomus Okeev (1975)
  • DER WEISSE DAMPFER by Bolotbek Samsiev (1976)
  • THE SKY OF OUR CHILDHOOD byTolomus Okeev (1966)

Additionally a short film special is included in the fesitval program!

“Cinema begins with D.W. Griffith and ends with Abbas Kiarostami”. – Jean-Luc Godard

Abbas Kiarostami was an important Iranian film director who passed in July 2016. Therefore this year the IFFI dedicates a hommage to Kiarostami in showing three of his masterpieces: “Through the Olive Trees”, “Life, and Nothing More” and “Certified Copy”.

Yesterday our freshly printed festival programs arrived!

We are proud to announce that the IFFI festival program 2017 is now officially online! We hope you enjoy our diverse films from all over the world.

In our International Documentary Competition you will see Mirr, directed by Mehdi Sahebi, whom we are glad to welcome to the 26th IFFI in Innsbruck.

The documentary depicts the story of Binchey, a traditional peasant farmer from Mondulkiri, who was expelled from his land – like hundreds of thousands of farmers in Cambodia. Together with Binchey and other villagers, film director Mehdi Sahebi stages the story of this confiscation of the land and its ramifications.

Einer der nie müde wird Filme zu machen, ist der Serbe Goran Paskaljevic, der heute seinen 70. Geburtstag feiert. Im letzten Jahr hat er den in Indien gedrehten Film „Dev Bhoomi“ (Land der Götter) beim größten amerikanischen Filmfestival in Toronto präsentiert.
Im Moment arbeitet er an einem Film über einen 8-jährigen syrischen Flüchtling, der in Italien von einer Frau adoptiert wird, die ihren Sohn verloren hat. „My name is Mohamed“ wird in der Nähe von Viterbo mit römischer Unterstützung gedreht.
Goran Paskaljevic, seit vielen Jahren Stammgast bei Innsbrucker Filmfestival, wurde mit dem Film „Das Pulverfass“ (1998) über die Gewalt in Serbien weltbekannt. Seine filmische Ausbildung erfuhr er in Prag, in der Zeit des Prager Frühlings, wo er auch Jiri Menzel, letztes Jahr beim Bozner Filmfest, dieses Jahr in Innsbruck Stargast, kennenlernte.
Was die beiden verbindet ist die humoristische herangehensweise an Filme, die sich politische Probleme zum Plot machen. Große Retrospektiven widmeten ihm das Museum of Modern Arts in New York und das British Film Institut.
Letztes Jahr organisierte das Austrian Film Archiv in Zusammenarbeit mit dem IFFI die erste große Schau im deutschen Sprachraum von Paskaljevics Filmen. Der Hauptdarsteller von „Das Pulverfass“ Lazar Ristovski ist Stargast des Internationalen Filmfestivals Ende Mai in Innsbruck, wo er seinen jüngsten Film „Train Driver’s Diary“ präsentieren wird. Paskaljevic lebt mit seiner Frau Christine in Paris. read more

Train Driver’s Diary is a 2016 Serbian drama film directed by Miloš Radović, which we will show in this year’s International Feature Fiction Competition.

It is an honour to welcome no less than two internationally renowned personalities of the film in Innsbruck! Both the director Miloš Radović and the leading actor Lazar Ristovski will visit the IFFI in May!

In our International Feature Fiction Competition for the Prize of the Province of Tyrol worth 5.500€ we will show Viejo Calavera (Dark Skull), directed by Kiro Russo. The Bolivian film was set to premier at the Locarno Film Festival 2016 in Switzerland.

A strikingly authentic and atmospheric drama set among the often literally subterranean lives of workers in the tin mines of Bolivia!

Our team is more than delighted to welcome co-producer and cinematographer Pablo Paniagua as a guest at the IFFI in May! read more

In our International Feature Fiction Competition 2017 you will see


directed by Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu.

“…a clear-eyed, unsentimental, and verygently liberating homage to all the girls of timesgone by and all the girls of times to come… “(Jessica Kiang, Variety)

The Unseen, written and directed by Perivi John Katjavivi, looks to tell ‘The Unseen’ stories of post-colonial Namibia.

It is the story of three young people as they navigate spaces, both emotionally and physically, in modern day post-colonial Namibia – spaces that are normally ‘unseen’.

The film will be shown in our International Feature Fiction Competition. Curious about the director’s views and stories? Exclusively meet Perivi John Katjavivi in May at the IFFI!

We are proud to announce that this year’s IFFI Honorary Award goes to the Algerian filmmaker Mohammed Soudani
for his life’s work and his long-standing collaboration with the IFFI!
Most of Soudani’s films have been part of the IFFI and have contributed to an outstandingly diversity within last years’ programmes.
Soudani is the first African filmmaker to win the IFFI Honorary Award and can be seen as a bridge-builder between the continents.
We are grateful to honour him as a great filmmaker and friend of our festival. read more

We are happy that our cooperation partner and wonderful festival hotel NALA – individuellhotel will accompany and host our IFFI guests during our 25-years-anniversary!
NALA is a contemporary city hotel with individual service, located in the heart of Innsbruck. View their ratings and reviews on TripAdvisor.

nala individuellhotel
müllerstraße 15
6020 innsbruck
t +43 (0) 512 58 44 44

Fernando Birri´s ORG was showen at Berlinale. Follow the link here:

We look back on a colourful and successful festival week – it was a beautiful anniversary full of exciting and intercultural experiences and new acquaintances! We did overcome human and cultural boundaries and revived 25 years of International Filmfestival Innsbruck.

A big THANK YOU to our team, visitors and guests for your amazing work and support! We are proud!

We’d like to thank “Göttin des Glücks” for sponsoring our Fair-Trade-Shirts. They look very good on our volonteers- don’t you think?

In Innsbruck you’ll find the store “Göttin des Glücks” at Anichstraße 7
Here is the link to the official website:

27.5., 22:15 , Leokino 1

Regie: Jan Cvitkovič
Slowenien/Tschechien/Mazedonien/Italien 2015
108min, OF­eUT

Siska Deluxe is a story about three male childhood friends who are not quite so young anymore but cannot seem to grow up completely. They are full of business ideas but since neither of them ever commits seriously, all of their plans ultimately fall through. When the aunt of one of them dies, she leaves him a small commercial property and the three friends immediately decide to open a pizzeria. In the beginning, it seems as if this is another project doomed to fail. However, just in the nick of time, an unusual woman named Jana comes along and offers to help. There is another curious character, Sale, who seems to be the friends’ arch enemy, but is ultimately transformed to their closest and most trusted friend. With the close weaving of the comical with the dramatic, the light-hearted story never questions the possibility of a happy ending. read more


27.5., 17:00 , Leokino 2
Regie: Aya Domenig
Schweiz 2015
78min, OF­eUT

The filmmaker Aya Domenig is of Japanese-Swiss origin and intended to trace the life of her grandfather – after the atomic bombing of Hiroshima by the United States Army Air Force on 6 August 1945 – Shigeru Doi worked as a doctor in a Red Cross hospital in Hiroshima and the filmmaker tries to find closer to him. Aya Domenig meets Chizuko Uchida (born 1923), a former nurse, her grandmother and Shuntaro Hida (born 1920), a doctor, the second Hibakusha who is portrayed in the documentary film – they have a similar fate as the filmmaker’s grandfather who throughout his life never spoke about what he had experienced. While researching her film in Hiroshima, on 11 March 2011 the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster occurs, and the filmmaker’s intention takes a turn read more