On the cinematic connections between India and Tirol
 For five years Cine Tirol has been promoting the “land in the mountains” as the location in the heart of the Alps for Indian film productions. In fact, it has been very successful in its endeavor, attracting more than 25 Indian projects to Tirol. With annually more than 800 new films, India calls the world’s largest film industry its own; many productions, which almost always work with extravagant dance and musical sequences, are shot outside the subcontinent – along with New Zealand, Canada, and Switzerland, Tirol has more and more been chosen as a location for films with an alpine setting.
Tirol offers perfect conditions for Indian productions; especially its diverse and easily accessible mountains meet the demands for fairytale-like landscapes that serve as an ideal backdrop for the films’ musical and dance sequences. Indian film crews value both the hospitality of the region and the friendliness of its people as well as Tirol’s high standard of living, which makes their work a lot easier. Because of Cine Tirol’s ability to professionally support productions in the domain of location services, Tirol has the great chance to establish itself as an attractive location for Indian films despite international competition with countries like Switzerland or New Zealand.


Austria 2003
Regie: Kollektiv
32 min, Betacam SP, 19:6, Farbe, Hindi OF

2003, Archive

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