Unsere frischgedruckten Programmhefte sind angekommen!

Wir sind stolz, euch hiermit offiziell das Festivalprogramm 2017 zu präsentieren. Freut euch von 23.-28. Mai auf seltene Filmperlen, einzigartige kulturelle Begegnungen und eine sechstägige Reise in fremde und faszinierende Welten!

In our International Documentary Competition you will see Mirr, directed by Mehdi Sahebi, whom we are glad to welcome to the 26th IFFI in Innsbruck.

The documentary depicts the story of Binchey, a traditional peasant farmer from Mondulkiri, who was expelled from his land – like hundreds of thousands of farmers in Cambodia. Together with Binchey and other villagers, film director Mehdi Sahebi stages the story of this confiscation of the land and its ramifications.

Train Driver’s Diary is a 2016 Serbian drama film directed by Miloš Radović, which we will show in this year’s International Feature Fiction Competition.

It is an honour to welcome no less than two internationally renowned personalities of the film in Innsbruck! Both the director Miloš Radović and the leading actor Lazar Ristovski will visit the IFFI in May!

In our International Feature Fiction Competition for the Prize of the Province of Tyrol worth 5.500€ we will show Viejo Calavera (Dark Skull), directed by Kiro Russo. The Bolivian film was set to premier at the Locarno Film Festival 2016 in Switzerland.

A strikingly authentic and atmospheric drama set among the often literally subterranean lives of workers in the tin mines of Bolivia!

Our team is more than delighted to welcome co-producer and cinematographer Pablo Paniagua as a guest at the IFFI in May!

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The Unseen, written and directed by Perivi John Katjavivi, looks to tell ‘The Unseen’ stories of post-colonial Namibia.

It is the story of three young people as they navigate spaces, both emotionally and physically, in modern day post-colonial Namibia – spaces that are normally ‘unseen’.

The film will be shown in our International Feature Fiction Competition. Curious about the director’s views and stories? Exclusively meet Perivi John Katjavivi in May at the IFFI!

In our International Feature Fiction Competition 2017 you will see


directed by Ana-Felicia Scutelnicu.

„…a clear-eyed, unsentimental, and verygently liberating homage to all the girls of timesgone by and all the girls of times to come… „(Jessica Kiang, Variety)

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Curious about this year’s festival program? Good news: IT’S PREVIEWTIME!

The first film to be shown in our International Feature Fiction Competition 2017 is Viejo Calavera (Bolivia/Katar 2016) directed by Kiro Russo.

Elder Mamaní’s father has died, and it looks as if young Elder couldn’t care less, even though he has no one to take care of him now. He goes to live with his grandmother in the outskirts of the mining city, Huanuni, where francisco, his godfather, gives him a job at the mine. But it doesn’t take long for Elder, who cares more about getting high and wandering through dangerous alleys at night, to mess it up. But he soon finds out about a dark secret regarding francisco’s involvement in his father’s death.

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Im Rahmen des IFFI-Kurses „Literatur und Intermedialität II: Filmbewertung. Filmfestivals und ihre Preispolitik“ (geleitet von IFFI Festivaldirektor Helmut Groschup) an der Universität Innsbruck haben Studierende der Masterstudiengänge „Vergleichende Literaturwissenschaft“ und „Medien“ die Möglichkeit, einen Blick hinter die Kulissen des IFFIs zu werfen und sich aktiv an der Festivalarbeit und -gestaltung zu beteiligen. Es ist schön, so viele motivierte StudentInnen an Bord zu haben!

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