The two documentary films APPUNTI PER UN FILM SULL’INDIA (1967/68) and APPUNTI PER UN’ORESTIADE AFRICANA (1968/69) resulted from a planned film project about the topics of religion and hunger in the countries of the ‚Third World’. Originally more documentary films about the reality in Arabic countries, in Latin America and Afro-American parts of the USA were planned, but they were never done. Pasolini’s fascination of these countries and cultures must be seen in the whole context of his social critique. Pasolini’s idea was that the culture that is not yet influenced by the destructive power of capital and consumption is to be found in the proletariat and in societies with agrarian structures: these societies are the original element and principle of order itself. Even though the countries of the Third World have been colonized by the West, one can still find more authenticity in these societies than in the structures of the corrupt West. Those countries are also origin of a positive revolutionary dynamic towards the West – but a few years later Pasolini distanced himself from this thought when he realized that there was no revolution of the proletariat but that of the bourgeoisie.

Italy 1968
Regie: Pier Paolo Pasolini
34min, 35mm, schwarzweiß, OmeU

1996, 2011, Archive, Tribute

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