AM RAND DER STÄDTE (On the Outskirts)

Numerous settlements have grown in recent years on the outskirts of Mersin, a city on Turkey’s southern coast. Their structure and appearance is unusual for Turkey: large residential blocks in a circle around a kind of park, with big swimming pools, meeting plac-es, restaurants, and bars in the middle. The apart-ment balconies all face this artificially constructed center; the residents have turned their backs on the outside. Many of the residents here are ‘Deutschländer’ – Turks who lived for many years in Germany, saving their money to enjoy life this way now. Festival: Berlinale 06

Germany 2006
Regie: Aysun Bademsoy
83 min, Video, Farbe, OF mit dt. UT
Festival: Berlinale 06; Nominiert für ray Filmmagazin-Dokumentarfilmpreis

2007, Archive, Documentary, Documentary Film Competition, ray-Filmmagazin-Dokumentarfilmpreis

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