In 1664, a Maharajah is threatened both by the Dutch and the rebels. An exorcist takes advantage the political chaos to impose his power on the village population. The only free spirit of the village, a young woman, resists him. When the wheel turns, when the king returns to power again, he seeks refuge with her. Communication occurs in one’s mind. If the brain wants to put a question to us about what is the heart of the communication, answer can be magical. Magic does not reject realism like dream. Then what is the antirealism of Dream? For understanding Magic realism, let’s not probe it! That is what Agnidahaya is. A film full of surprises and a visual treat of the surrealistic humour- if you stop «looking» at something, then what is surrealism and realism! I have seen a «different» cinematic language in Agnidahaya – explaining humour in a supernatural way. Only Cinema can do it. Jayantha Chandrasiri has done it with immense control. This cinematic craft is remarkable for a first film.

Sri Lanka 2002
Regie: Jayantha Chandrasiri
119 min, 35mm,1:1,66, Farbe, Optical-Mono, Sinhala OmenglU
Fribourg 2003

2003, Archive

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