I remember September 11, 1973, somber day on which America instigated a coup d’etat to knock down the peace-loving and democratic revolution which had been built in my faraway country Chile by eleminating ist President of the Republic, Salvador Allende, that „son-of-a-bitch“ as Nixon liked to refer to him. The urge to return to this atypical man, revolutionary and fanatic of democracy to the point of suicide, came over me for obvious historical reasons, but also for its cruel actuality. (Patricio Guzmán)

Chile/F/B/D/E/MEX 2004
Regie: Patricio Guzmàn
100 min, 35 mm, s/w und Farbe, OF mit dt. und franz. UT
In Anwesenheit von Antonio Skármeta

2005, Archive, Latin American Panorama, Opening Film

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